Tree Trunk Arms to wrap skuldug up inlike???? they

//Tree Trunk Arms to wrap skuldug up inlike???? they

Tree Trunk Arms to wrap skuldug up inlike???? they

bc i just started this class late

he not the most romantic we all know this and it better to just accept itmeeting him at one of Bryce parties bc this was when everyone actually liked himat first it was just a flingbut then it blossomed into something morehe totally admitted he like you when he was drunk thoyou thought it was just a joke until the next canada goose jacket outlet day he admitted it soberthen you became the best and like most badass couple of the school always wearing his varsity jacketalways wearing his clothes in general bc he liked people to know youre his and only hisrumors constantly going around about you two, but always laughing about them instead of getting angry. if someone talked shit about you in front of Monty tho shit bitch, he would so beat the shit out of them without thinking twiceit be such a turn on tho skipping class 24/7 to go hook up in his cargoing to all his baseball games and cheering him on so much that canada goose outlet in toronto people start shouting at you to stfuto which you would just flick them offbc fuck u thats my babygoing for late night drives all the time, listening to music that playing too loudhim sneaking into your house all the time and sneaking out before your parents wake upbut they knowone morning after he left, you go downstairs and your mom just gives you a look Monty? which you would just laugh awkwardly and leave super fasthe alll about pda toolike he won hold your hand but he always have an arm around your shoulder and he won hesitate you kiss you in front of people if he wants a kissthe first time he said I love you was such a shockand yes he did say it first bc low key he a sweetheartyou were both alone, probably chilling at his house or yours, y were just talking shit about people you knew, eating popcornand then boomchuckles love you. especially if they in love. competing with Justin and Jessica for the cutest couple ( and winning )if Bryce said some derogatory shit about you, Monty would so fight him even tho that his best friendbc no one says shit like that about his girl except himjust being cute and in love but still badass kinda shit but I wanted to post it so here canada goose outlet black friday ya go. Let me know what you think and I hope you all like it!!! xxxi just had a crazy weird idea for an x men au for kingsman where the kingsman organization is kinda similar to canada goose outlet online uk the xavair academy for gifted youngsters but only for the higher class bc chester king is a stickler to traditions. but harry canada goose outlet location and merlin started a program to help the middle and lower class bc the dangers of being a mutant have been overboard lately. chester isn too happy about it but allows canada goose outlet new york it now cut to eggsy and daisy, and eggsy finding out his four year old sister is a mutant. luckily, harry finds them before any scary government people can and offers eggsy help to keep his sister safe and to also help daisy with her canada goose outlet london uk powers. eggsy warily agrees, and he ends up totally crushing on harry.another bonus, turns canada goose outlet washington dc out eggsy is a mutant too. he just doesn know it, but harry and merlin do and harry keeps having a hard time trying to tell eggsy this.ASDFGHKLDFLJRSEG OK FREN HERE WE GO. SO LIKEwe know that they were friends since they were teenagers (in like. the 1600s? late 1500s?) and i am just. so here for awkward teenage skul and ghastly sort of??? See like. for me it started out as a they definitely experimented when they were youngerbut like??? ghastly begins to get these dumbass feelings and he has no clue what to do about it bc there no way in hell he ever gonna actually. act on these feelingsit isnt until skuldug walks canada goose outlet phone number out of his (rich, high class) parents house and ends up staying canada goose parka uk with ghastly and his family (who practically adopt skuldug. ghastlys mother loved skuldug so much tbh)and like. ghastly is a farmhand. he helps to keep a farm going and he working with these animals and helping out in the fields and ghastlys family welcome skuldug as long as he pulls his weight around. but skuldug???? doesnt want to do??? PEASANT work????ghastly finds it rly endearing. seeing THIS ASSHOLE just napping next to a haystack while ghastly actually doing something around hereaND THEN THE WAR COMES ALONG. AND THIS IS WHERE ALL MY FAVOURITE TROPES COME INlike???? skuldug finds himself nearly losing canada goose outlet in montreal ghastly so many times and every time he gets more and more??? angry??? like he goes into his Murder Mode when ghastly nearly dies on the battlefield and skuldug is like. slowly realising he has no clue what he would do if he lost ghastlyghastly Canada Goose Outlet not much better tbh. if he sees skuldug go down in a fight he goes apeshit with worry and bc hes such a stubborn ass and he wont stop till skuldugs off the battlefield and into medical care bc goddamnit skuldug ur literally dying AND WE GET ALL THE NOT LEAVING HIS BEDSIDE WHEN ONE OF THEM GETS KNOCKED OUTi need like. ghastly watching over skuldug who knocked out and recovering from injuries in like. the camp medical bay or something. and ghastly just??? gently moves canada goose outlet in new york skuldugs hair out of his face, and finds himself playing with skuldugs hair, gently playing with it??? skuldug smiles in his sleepi swear 90% of their relationship at this point is ghastly pulling skuldug out of the mess he makes and having to bandage him up. ffs skulduganywayI ALSO NEED THE TROPE WHERE GHASTLY GOES SOMETHING RECKLESS and STUPID AND WHEN THEY RESCUE GHASTLY OUT OF THE FUCKIN MESS SKULDUG IS REALLY IRRATIONALLY ANGRY (think of like. in dark days when he lost his shit over the vampire deal) BC YOU COULD DIED FFS YOU SHOULD TOLD ME WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO DO I COULD LOST YOU I the outburst like. even surprises skuldug. canada goose outlet uk like when hes finished and he takes a deep breath and ghastly is stunned and skuldug is like. where in the fuck did that come from. (except he beginning to have an idea. hint: its bc REPRESSED FEELINGS)and then. i mean bc skuldug is an ass with no control over being an ass to other people, he has like. way more experience with being tortured than the other dead men, even if the other dead men have all had their fair share of tortureaND WHEN THE NIGHTMARES COME, like???? it wakes ghastly up (bc they share a tent obviously) and ghastly hears skuldug calling canada goose factory outlet out for ghastly in his sleep and ghastly is just. shookanyway. skuldug wakes up in panics sometimes and ghastly always there to help calm him down and make sure he knows he safe and???? this is all fine and well until one night. one night. ghastly calms him down and gets up to go back to bed and sleep and skulduggery says and thats what ghastly does. he climbs in with skuldug and skuldug sleeps like a babin fact every time after this that skuldug wakes up from nightmares it just an unspoken rule that ghastly stays canada goose outlet reviews with him, and after a while ghastly gives up going into his own bed in the first place. it helps that ghastly has like. Tree Trunk Arms to wrap skuldug up inlike???? they unofficially dating for so long. canada goose outlet ontario its just another unspoken rule that Skuldug Is Ghastlys, and Ghastly Is Skuldugsi got like. a whole lot more but???? thats the general idea so fardon worry about canada goose outlet authentic grammar hahaha I make loots of mistakes too and canada goose outlet store new york then by reading request again i like: ew Marie what your problem?! so don worry :PHe likes to organize his information about the current case his working on. If insomnia it too heavy, probably smoke some weed to relax himselfNear:He would start placing dominoes all over the floor to finally knock them down.Drinking hot milk with honey helps him, but he gets shy when asking for itLots of nostalgic thoughts hope u like this!!! I made this super quickly bc i late to class i sorry!! love youBare bones of my February monthly spread. It almost exactly like my January (but with February days) except I putting the days in black since it Valentine month. All I have left is to put my color coding swatches and insert events.But guys, I been sooo demotivated lately. Like last canada goose outlet mississauga week was great, I got all my school done every day and then this week is just blech. I know it partly bc I don have my science vocab memorized and I have a test, my co op classes started again, and canada goose outlet woodbury Monday was just hectic canada goose outlet new york city but still you guys are having a great day.

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